Clogged Kitchen Sink

What should I do?

Do you have a slow draining kitchen sink? It can be very frustrating, especially this time of year.

While watching a YouTube video, or buying store-bought drain cleaners and pouring it down your kitchen sink might be the first thing you think of doing, this isn’t always the best way to fix it. Clogs in home kitchen plumbing often require inspection by a licensed plumber to find out what’s cauingClearing Clogged Kitchen Drains the problem in the first place.

Unclogging kitchen sink with plunger and gloves.

This is especially true of drains that get clogged every so often. A licensed professional can come to your house and repair the drain problem, along with explaining how you can prevent plumbing problems in the future.

This will ensure the best drain cleaning method is used, in terms of preventing damage to your fixture and overall plumbing system.

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